Sports Development is entirely a learning, teaching, research and information resource for students studying "sport development" related courses in UK universities.

Originally designed to provide the author's students with a resource reference point that the university library didn't have, it has grown into a site that many university "sports" students now access and many academics now recommend (and link to from their module guides and university intranets) for similar reasons.

One of the problems with many "sport development" resources is that they are deleted from "official" websites when the policy changes, is updated or becomes aged and whilst this is understandable it offers little in the way of educational value to students whose education sometimes relies on historical deconstructions of current policies and the academic arguments that underpin them.

This site is dedicated to archiving policy and research documents so that students can retain access to them without such documents becoming "dog-eared" or deleted from libraries or websites. It is also designed to provide a distance learning and continued professional development resource for practitioners.

We are, and continue to be, indebted to authors and copyright owners of the documents we hold for not complaining of the retention and critiques of their works and thank them for recognising the educational spirit of the site - recognising the value of their contribution to the development of the profession (irrespective of any critiques offered)

As for anonymity of authorship, an often asked question in Higher Education circles, the website is designed for students, not for marketing the author.

As the author, the writing of the site has helped to widen, structure, clarify and keep my own knowledge base up to date - on a personal level then it is well worth the effort.

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